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2019 Rules
There are firm deadlines to enter all contests - schedule

Earn points for these competition tours
NASDE  National Association of Swing Dance Events.   Points & Cash for Classic & Showcase routines
WSDC World Swing Dance Council. Points system for West Coast Swing Jack & Jill
Rising Star Tour

CHOREOGRAPHY Bring your music and a choreographed routine! Top 5 placements recognized
Classic (NASDE) $2500 prize purse
Showcase (NASDE) $2500 prize purse
Rising Star $750 prize purse
ProAm Spotlight - Separate divisions for leaders & followers or exhibition

JACK & JILL (sign up without a partner) Top 5 placements recognized
Cash prizes are based on total of entries. Over was $10,000 awarded in 2018

Sophisticated (35+), Masters (50+), Switch it Up
Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, AllStar, Champion

PRO AM JACK & JILL (Dances with at least 3 pros in the prelim)
Levels: Novice OR Intermediate. Limited to the first 50 amateur entries

STRICTLY SWING (Bring your partner, we pick the music) Top 5 placements recognized. Cash prizes. Over $6,000 was awarded in 2018
Sophisticated (35+),
Masters (50+)
Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, AllStar
Champion (NASDE)

PRO AM STRICTLY (Bring your teacher, separate leader & follower divisions)
Custom plaque awarded to each student. Top 5 placements recognized.

Levels: Newcomer/Novice OR Intermediate. Limited to 5 entries per pro in each division.

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