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A 2019 schedule will be added here as details are confirmed. It will look very simillar to 2018's below.

  All events including Thursday's Wecome Party and Sunday's Afterglow Party will be held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel. This is an overview of the 2018 plan. There are four ballrooms and 2 boardrooms allowing for many concurrent programs to be offered simultaniously. There will be some daytime social dancing and competitor warm up sessions planned. A detailed schedule including all workshops, seminars, meetings and special session info wil be added here soon.


Hourly workshops are included with day, evening and the EZpass.
The multi-hour shaded sessions are separately ticketed and require pre-registration - more..

Even more ways to dance til dawn in 2018! Swouk Room, Blues & Swing Room, Steal Zone and more!

THURSDAY Registration opens at 5pm.    
8pm    Workshops, WCS 101
9pm    Party all Night Long in the Main Ballroom

FRIDAY Registration opens at 9:30am. Contest entry deadlines noon for ProAm, 3pm for Strictly Swing    
10am    Hourly Workshops 10am through 9pm
1pm    ProAm Strictly Swing
2pm    ProAm Jack & Jill for Leaders
3pm    ProAm Jack & Jill forFollowers
5pm    Strictly Swing Sophisticated, Masters
7pm    Strictly Swing Novice, Intermediate, Advanced
9pm    Strictly Swing Allstar
10pm    Strictly Swing Champions
Party all Night Long

SATURDAY Registration opens at 9:30am. 10am Jack & Jill contest entry deadline. 2pm deadline for remaining contests.   
8am    Floor Trials 8-9:30am
10am    Hourly Workshops 10am through 9pm
11am    Jack & Jill Newcomer, Novice: Prelim & Semis
1pm    Jack & Jill Sophisticated, Masters: Prelims & Semis
2pm    Jack & Jill Intermediate, Advanced: Prelims & Semis
4pm    Jack & Jill Allstar: Prelim & Semi
5pm    Jack & Jill Champion Prelim
8pm    Showcase (NASDE)
9pm    Classic (NASDE)
11pm    Jack & Jill Champion Final
Party all Night Long

SUNDAY Registration opens at 9:30am.    
8am    Floor Trials 8-9:30am
10am    Hourly Workshops 10am through 4pm
12pm    Jack & Jill Finals: Newcomer, Novice, Sophisticated
1pm    Jack & Jill Finals Masters, Intermediate, Advanced
2pm    Rising Star
3pm    ProAm Spotlight
4pm    Jack & Jill Finals Allstar
5pm    Eat, Nap, Pray
8pm    Workshop
9pm    Party all Night Long

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