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Intensive learning at MADjam! These programs will turbo-boost your learning. Serious westies & those ready for deep dive concepts only!
Participation is limited. Pre-registration is required. Levels as indicated. Most will sell out early. You must also purchase an event pass. These sessions are not included with ANY pass - Register Now
Dozens more 45 inute drop in workshops are also scheduled throughout the weekend - Schedule
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"Many Shades of WCS: Musical Variety"

Presented by Ben McHenry & Cameo Cross

Blues! Lyrical! House! Pop! Swing! Part of what makes WCS the dance we love and cherish is our ability to dance to different styles of music. Join "Bameo" (Superstars Ben McHenry & Cameo Cross) to kick off the weekend's musical variety with exercises and choreo sets to help you master as many styles as we can fit into three focused hours.
• 5pm - 7:45pm Thursday
• Open to all

“Teaching West Coast Swing”

Presented by Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

Two of the best teachers on the circuit share their knowledge and insight surrounding teaching and learning. Explore curriculum, planning and class management for west coast swing with Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake in a small group intensive format.

11am-1:45pm Friday
• WSDC All Star, experienced WCS teacher, or permission of the instructor recommended

"Dips, Drops, Rides, Slides"

Presented by
Myles & Tessa Munroe

Showcase Pros Myles & Tessa teach how to safely and consistently handle weight support moves for lead/follow dancing and competition. Material will get increasingly more complex, and cover popular must-have moves like dip-slides, monkey bars, carousels, and more! You will leave this intensive with new technical tools and toys you can use immediately, with confidence!

Please register with a designated partner, but class will rotate.
12pm - 2:45pm Friday

"Choreography Theory: Dynamics - Timing - Musicality"

Presented by: Susan Kirklin & Gary McIntyre

The science behind musical creativity becomes clear through exercises, concepts and application. Experienced west coast swing dancers with previous competition experience welcomed to this intensive theory & practice session with these many-time champions.

• 4-6:45pm
• Advanced or Allstar WSDC & above, or permission of the instructor

"Movement Creativity"

Presented by Benji Schwimmer

Unbeatable champion of the “Showcase” division, So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 winner, Feather Award Recipient, youngest World Dance Champion in history, professional dancer, choreographer and coach Benji Schwimmer presents a three hour premium content session: “Movement Creativity” in West Coast Swing dancing.

• 11am - 1:45pm Saturday, 3 hours
• WSDC Adv/AS/Champ or permission of the instructor recommended

"Novice J&J Strategies"

Presented by Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay

"The best thing about Jack and Jills? You always come out with a memory worth its weight in gold! Sometimes you make a new friend, other times you just laugh the entire dance, and occasionally you turn a mess up into the best moment of the performance!" In this 2-hour session two of the most encouraging mentors on the circuit will help you hone your ability to work together, in the heat of the moment, to create something better than one person could make alone, and learn to love your Jack & Jills.

• 2pm - 3:45pm Saturday, 2hours
• Open to all

"Definition of WCS"

Presented by Robert Royston

From the first steps we learn as beginners, and the roots our dance came from, to the influences we adopt from other dances and the cutting-edge routines of today: what is West Coast Swing anyway? The inimitable Robert Royston guides us through a two-hour exploration of core movements, technical aspects and how to identify the threads that together this living, breathing, evolving dance. Open to anyone from judges and teaching professionals to self-identified west coast swing nerds & enthusiasts.

10am - 11:45am Sunday
• Open to all

"Social Dancing Skills"

Presented by Jason & Annmarie Marker
Great social dances? No problem. Focus on the real things that make your dances work with all your partners in this competition-free zone. A small group setting allows time to work on the techniques & skills that set you up for safety, success  & great partnership on the social floor.

12pm - 2:45pm Sunday
• Open to all
LEARNING & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITES  Click here to register now
Community Organizers Forum
Behind the scenes is the hardest work! Register for this moderated forum to share information and resources with other people who teach, organize dances and run local dance scenes. Discussion, peer networking, problem solving, support giving and snacks provided; follow up supportive friendships encouraged. Pre-registrations is required.
• 6-7:45pm
• Open to all
"Ask the DJ" Panel Discussion - Katie, Louis, Victor and more
Come with your questions, or just listen and learn. Social dancing and competitions, technical know-how and building a music collection, choosing songs and changing the mood: our DJs do it all! Appreciative dancers, aspiring DJs, and the merely curious are all welcome in this session. Now's your chance to rest your tootsies with our talented team and learn a little bit about their craft. This 45 minute drop-in workshop is included with your EZ pass no additional ticket is required.
4pm Friday

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