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Simillar programs will be offered in 2020. Check back here for details.
Intensive learning at MADjam! These programs will turbo-boost your learning. Serious westies & those ready for deep dive concepts only!
Participation is limited. Pre-registration is required. Levels as indicated. Most will sell out early. You must also purchase an event pass. These sessions are not included with ANY pass.
Dozens more 45 minute drop in workshops are also scheduled throughout the weekend - Schedule

Find these items on the "Workshops" tab in online registration

The music swells! The beat drops! The phrase changes! Hear the shift, show it with your dancing, find those moments and make them shine. This workshop with top performers Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin is for leaders and followers: in either role, showing the musical shifts will help you create those magical musical moments, delight your partner and thrill an audience.

11am Friday, 2 hours
• WSDC Int/Adv+ or permission of the instructor
• You must also purchase an event pass
• $50

Two of the best teachers on the circuit share their knowledge and insight surrounding teaching and learning. Drawing from their years of study and application, master teachers-of-teachers Sarah Vann Drake and Kyle Redd focus on curriculum and how to diagnose and scaffold learning so that every student can progress in their West Coast Swing. This session is reserved for those who are experienced teachers and/or allstar level dancers.

3pm Friday, 3 hours
• Prior experience teaching, WSDC Allstar+ or permission of the instructor
• You must also purchase an event pass
• $75

Unbeaten champion of the “Showcase” division, So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 winner, Feather Award Recipient, youngest World Dance Champion in history, professional dancer, choreographer and coach Benji Schwimmer presents a three hour premium content session, designed to help you use technical tools with intention for West Coast Swing.

11am Saturday, 3 hours
• WSDC Adv/Allstar+ or permission of the instructor
• You must also purchase an event pass
• $75

“Quality of Movement” is that all-encompassing phrase for movement that’s effective because of its technique, and effortless because of its mastery. Join one of the greatest technicians in our dance to break down, build up, drill and improve your mechanics of motion through precise & detailed attention to posture, pitch, poise, and position.

10am Sunday, 2 hours
• Open to all
• You must also purchase an event pass
• $50

Community Organizers Forum
Behind the scenes is the hardest work! Register for this moderated forum to share information and resources with other people who teach, organize dances and run local dance scenes. Discussion, peer networking, problem solving, support giving and snacks provided; follow up supportive friendships encouraged. Pre-registrations is required.
• 7-8pm Friday
• 6-7pm Saturday

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