Coronavirus Update

We are so excited to welcome everyone to MADjam this weekend! Our workshop rooms will soon be humming, our social floors bouncing, and our spotlights shining, ready for a fun-filled west coast swing PARTY!

Because we like to prepare for all details and make sure you know what to expect, we want to address how the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact our event. The health and safety of all attendees is paramount. The DJP team is working closely with the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott to take all feasible precautionary measures that might reduce potential health risks at the conference, and we’ll ask for your help on a few additional precautionary measures:

  • If you don’t feel well [fever, symptoms of a cold or flu] please isolate yourself and withdraw from event participation. Contact us for help with that process.
  • If your location or a country you have traveled within during the 14 days preceding our event is impacted by a CDC Travel Health Notice of Level 3 or above, you may not attend MADjam at this time. Please contact us immediately.

Both the CDC and WHO advise that washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub can eliminate COVID-19 as well as cold and flu viruses if they are on your hands. With this in mind, we will ask you to take a few additional precautionary measures while at MADjam:

  • Please wash your hands regularly, before dancing and between workshops.
  • As you pass through our wristband check stations, use the provided hand sanitizer
  • Please bring your own water bottle so you don’t accidentally drink out of someone else’s cup.
  • Please reconsider bringing food into the ballroom. Snacking while dancing might lead to forgetting to clean your hands — and it’s against hotel policy anyway.

Hand sanitizer will also be available at all water stations, in close proximity to the social floor, and in various other locations throughout the hotel. 

We are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At their websites, you will find updates about the virus, countries affected by travel restrictions, and information about protective measures you can take. We encourage all attendees to visit these websites and remain informed. 



CDC Travel advisories:

Dave Moldover
MADjam Executive Director

Kay Newhouse
MADjam Co-director