MADjam features a seriously amazing and diverse group of the most talented, friendly and FUN West Coast Swing personalities. We are confirming talent now. Check back here soon for updates. They are available for private lessons. Contact them individually to schedule.

Instructors | Judges | Performers

Jordan & Tatiana
Kyle & Sarah
Glenn & Emily
Thibault & Nicole
Jakub & Emeline
Markus & Tren
KP & Bryn
Gary & Susan
Greg & Lemery
Phlippe & Flore
Byron & Melodie
Stephen & Larisa
Lisa & Conor
Robert Royston
John Lindo
Brandi Guild
Erica Smith
Lara Deni
Ben Morris
Arjay Centeno
Debbie Tuttle Steffanina
Steve Wilder
Ardena Gojani
Tessa Antolini
Jon Tigert
Carla Heiney
Sharole Negrete
Kevin Fitzhugh
Robin Smith
David Appel
Ken Roesel
Deborah Hampton
Lucy The Party Animal
Bonnie Cannon
Sean & Alyssa
PJ Turner
Deon & Judith
Sean & Alyssa
PJ Turner


Ruby Lair
John Lindo
Koichi Tsunoda
John Collini
Arjay Centeno
Kristen Shaw
Margie Tuttle
Emily Huang
Jes Ann Nail
James Kong
Kaiano Levine
Jalene Haramia


Dave Moldover Executive Director
Kay Newhouse Co-Director
Casey Daniels, Event Administration
Dawn Garrish,
Chief Judge
Alex Brand Contest Coordinator
Tim Johnson & Becky Larson, Video & Broadcasting
Alyssa Arter, Administrator
Amy Daniecki,
Chief of Staff
Paul Stoddard Registration & Scoring