MADjam offers 40 hours of social dancing, 25 contest divisions to cheer, watch or enter, and 50 hours of workshops all in one SUPERSIZE dance weekend! Special programs include our celebrated “Newcomer Welcome Program,” a conversation with Swing Diversity, a just-for-fun piano sing-along with superstar Chris Rupp and many other opportunities — you select the options that are most fun for you! We want you to have a great time at our party.

Your weekend EZpass includes access to the spacious Grand Ballroom for all social dancing and shows, and your choice of seven drop-in Grand Ballroom workshops with top-tier teachers. 

Additional workshops in Regency, Lake Anne and Lake Fairfax require reservations through the self-serve online ticketing portal.  
All= Appropriate for all levels. 
L1= Fundamental patterns and techniques with basic partnering & musicality concepts. 
L2= Requires fluent recall & application of pushes, passes, turns, whips, and basic variations. 
L3= Complex patterns or detailed technique. Significant previous experience needed.
Masters = age 50+
Nov, Int, Adv, AS etc  = Entry to these workshops is based on WSDC competition levels. You can look up your level here. 
Teaching = Open to anyone who teachers or has an interest in pedagogy
Grand Ballroom: 45- minute and 60 minute drop-in workshops are open to all EZpass holders. Level: Self-sorted. Open to all. Reservations: not required.
Regency Ballroom: A variety of self-leveled 90-minute workshops and “Newcomer JJ Warmup” (1 hour); Limited capacity. Reservations: $0. Self-sorted levels. 
Lake Fairfax: Self-leveled 90-minute workshops, “Newcomer Program Orientation” and “Newcomer Program Wrap-up.” Limited capacity. Reservations: $0. Self-sorted levels.
Lake Anne: WSDC competition levels, age groups, and teaching interest guide levels for these 90-minute workshops. Limited capacity. Reservations: $20. See the registration portal for more information on each workshop.
Please choose the workshops you would like to commit to attending carefully. Most MADjammers register for one to three workshops total. Workshop reservations remain open through the online portal until workshops begin or capacity is reached. Please promptly release any unneeded reservations at this link to allow another person to plan to attend.

MADjam – March 2-6, 2022