March 3-6, 2022

MADjam 2021 has been cancelled because of the pandemic.
Hotel reservations in the group block will be automatically cancelled. Prize passes, credits and awards from previous events will be extended for redemption in the future. We hope everyone stays safe, healthy and comfortable until conditions improve. We will rebuild the dance community when it becomes safe again. We are committed to this and hope to have your support in those efforts.

MADjam is the world’s largest West Coast Swing party. For nearly 2 decades this annual event has brought together dancers from all over the world. We are very excited for the future of the global West Coast Swing community.  

• Incredible Pro Staff – Talent & diversity – Champions, Legends and today’s influencers
• Four Nights of Seriously Amazing Social Dancing
• NASDE tour competition featuring the best of the best
• Over 50 hours of Workshops included
• Exclusive, Separately ticketed sessions
• Special events for Masters, AllStars, Rising Stars, DJs, Organizers and others
• Fun competitions for all skill levels, Cash & Prizes
• Giant, Fabulously Decorated Ballrooms with Huge Dance Floors
• Paperless Registration, Instant Scoring, Impressively Managed Contests
• FREE Live Internet Broadcasts & DanceJamTV in every room
• Completely free & open video policy
• Friendly, Competent & Experienced Event Management
• Welcome Program for 1st time attendees
• DC is the place for West Coast Swing. We know how to party….

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First time attendees should join the Newcomer Welcome Program
March 3-6, 2022. March 2-5, 2023.
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